About Us

Founded in May 2019, Akhbar Beirut is a freestanding and independent leading news and analysis platform available on App Store and Google Play. Alongside, strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Our values of credibility, integrity and honesty dictate our Business Model and operations ensuring transparency and professionalism in serving our target-market of Lebanese citizens and expatriates from different age groups under our slogan “A part of your everyday life.”

We believe that delivering quality is the best advertisement. Accordingly, we are committed to keeping our users updated with the most recent Lebanese and Global news coverage, forecasts and analysis covering a wide array of topics such as: Political, economic, financial, business, health, security, education, lifestyle, social, sports, travel and tourism related topics.

Akhbar Beirut believes that delivering facts and raising awareness highly contributes in enabling the Lebanese people to form an unbiased new vision aiding in the re-construction of the Lebanon we all dream off.